Home Buyers Put Trust in Realtors


Sold 9While home buying is a complex endeavor, many home buyers are looking to use one stop shopping using affiliates of real estate agents and mortgage lenders to complete the process. One stop shopping has continued to gain popularity with buyers and home buyers who used OSS reported a higher level of satisfaction.

Homebuyers are three times more likely to be the point of contact than the mortgage lender. In addition, 72 percent of homebuyers prefer the firm providing closing service be affiliated with their real estate agent. Real estate agents continue to be a highly trusted source, second only to friends and family.  Real estate agents seem to have greater influence over home buyers service related decisions than mortgage lenders. For example, 47% of resent homebuyers who used a real estate agent used an affiliated provider for their home warranty, but just 32 percent who used a mortgage lender used an an affiliated provider for their warranty.